h1>CRS Association is an NGO based in Szeged, Hungary, using participatory action research to resolve environmental and social issues in the region. 

    A) We seek answers for today’s ecological crisis and deepening social inequalities. To overcome these challanges we believe it’s necessary to face the limits of our own knowledge, remain open towads the perspectives of others and that the solution calls for the integration of different forms of knowledge and skills scattered amongst the members of the entire society.
    B) We believe that overcoming these challenges requires a unity of diverse forms of skills and knowledge, facing the limints of our own knowledge, as well as an openness towards the viewpoints of others. The keys of a more just and sustainable society are in the hands of researchers just as well as members of the entire society therefore there is a need for a method capable of establishing a dialogue between these forms of knowledge.
    The problem-centered approach requires the creation of operable knowledge that facilitates action to be of direct use for the local community (with a special regard to the most vulnerable groups). We believe that scientific and local (community) knowledge, theoretical and practical knowledge and skills, and citizen activism are all equally important and cannot be separated from one another. Only their combination and co-operation may lead to democratic solutions. This is the goal we wish to achieve by our main method, participatory action research.
    CRS is a community of values. Members take part in the work of the association with various different fields of interest, points of views and approaches, however we are all connected on the basis of common values.
    Our core values are

  • sustainability
  • participation
  • justice
  • value pluralism
  • self criticism
  • solidarity
  • respect of dignity